Feb 10 • 40M

Creating next generation smart cell therapies + Scott Boyken

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Catherine Mae J. Hernandez
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Edmar Ferreira talks with Scott Boyken, co-founder and CSO of Outpace Bio, which uses protein design to create mechanism-driven solutions that dramatically improve the efficacy and safety of cell and gene therapies. Scott created protein switches and logic gates capable of modularly controlling biological function in cells and precisely targeting immunotherapies, resulting in over 20 publications and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface. 

Scott shared how the future looks like when Outpace Bio is successful, he also shared the incredible interface of proteins and the designs that tailored cell therapy solutions through protein designs and custom programming, like cell therapies, especially for the anti-cancer and life cancer cells like leukemia. They also talked about the reason behind Outpace Bio uses the idea of functional protein designs and structures, nanotechnology, the methods of Outpace Bio in order to solve the problems, the biggest problem in microbiology, reversing the sequence of the protein designs, the methods they have in Outpace Bio, the enzymes designs that they have, and their amazing programs. Scott also tells us his life story of why he ended up working with protein designs and the new biology and much more!