Feb 14 • 24M

Regenerative Liver Technologies + Dr.Eric Schuur

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Catherine Mae J. Hernandez
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Edmar Ferreira talks with Dr.Eric Schuur, CEO and co-founder of HepaTx. He is a tenacious, creative innovator whose chief joy is bringing new ideas to life for patients suffering from difficult-to-treat diseases. Dr. Schuur has been innovating in the life science industry for 25 years and he has abundant start-up and emerging company experience with many early-stage companies, including Calydon, Inc. and Asthmatx, Inc.

Dr.Schuur shared how the future looks like when HepaTx is successful, how they started HepaTx, the idea behind creating HepaTx, and the technology that they are using to fix liver diseases including the transplant, he also shared the clinical trials that they made and about their first product in the upcoming year. Dr. Schuur also shared how their procedures work with HepaTx, the process, and the program that they go through with their technology. They also talked about the best advise from Dr.Schuur for any startup company, and much more!