Feb 4 • 43M

Fastest AI Accelerator + Andrew Feldman

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Catherine Mae J. Hernandez
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Edmar Ferreira talks with Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Cerebras Systems. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to pushing boundaries in the compute space. Prior to Cerebras, he co-founded and was CEO of SeaMicro, a pioneer of energy-efficient, high-bandwidth microservers.

In today’s episode, they talk about what the future looks like when Cerebras Sytems is amazingly successful, Andrew shared how they started Cerebras Systems, the story behind the invention of their technology, they also talked about the technology and experiments of Cerebras, and the compute performance of many tens to hundreds of graphics processing units, their massive gains in space and power efficiency for AI. Edmar also shared that money can’t buy any expertise. Andrew also shared the data processing they discovered when they started, the movement of information, the difficult part of calculations, and the best advice from Andrew when it comes to AI and bioengineering, and much more!