Feb 7 • 43M

Remove CO2 and Put Oil Back Underground + Peter Reinhardt

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Catherine Mae J. Hernandez
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Edmar Ferreira talks with Peter Reinhardt CEO and co-founder at Charm Industrial, where they are developing novel carbon removal & renewable industrial syngas technology. Prior to Charm Industrial, Peter was CEO and co-founder at Segment, a SaaS customer data platform that grew to 600 people before it was acquired by Twilio in 2020 for $3.2B.

Peter shared the story behind Charm Industrial, how it started, his background in organizing the Charm Industrial, and how they come up with the idea of Charm Industrial. He also shared the technology and the products that they built with Charm. They also talked about the other areas that have a significant impact on industries nowadays and other economic transformations in starting a company and other world trends that have an impact nowadays. Peter also shared some misconceptions about their technology and their successful process with Charm Industrial, and Peter also shared how their injections work and the step-by-step process and mechanics of their technology, and much more!