Jan 13 • 42M

Drone as a First Responder technology giving first responders a live overhead view + Divy Shrivastava

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Edmar Ferreira talks with Divy Shrivastava, CEO and founder of Paladin Drones. Paladin Drones is a startup, building a custom drone hardware and software solution for cities to be able to respond to emergencies faster and with better data. And their mission is to deploy autonomous drones to 911 calls.

In today’s episode, they talk about what the future looks like with Paladine Drones, and the technologies that they are using in Paladine Drones. Divy shared some stories of successes and responding to calls for help. Divy also shared his life story and the story behind Paladin Drones and how they started. They also talked about how the software and the LTE work with the drones that they were using and respond to 911 calls. Divy also shared his great experience and learnings when he started Paladine Drones. And discover the best advise from Divy for those start-up companies and much more!