Jan 20 • 37M

Helping patients across the globe who suffer from pain and chronic conditions + Dan Goldberger

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Edmar Ferreira talks with Dan Goldberger, CEO, and Director of electroCore, with the mission of helping patients across the globe who suffer from pain and chronic conditions. And Dan has over 35 years of leadership and medical device experience. 

In today’s episode, they talk about the mission of electroCore, the variety of treatments that they are treating using their technology, and the non-invasive therapy including all of their surgical inventions. Dan also shared how they started electroCore, how they were able to get FDA approvals, and the power of non-invasive ways, their innovation, and their technology to develop a safe and clinically backed treatment. They also talked about how did electroCore covered insurance, some recommendations from Dan about biotechnology, including the three stages to show progress and how they do consumer awareness of electroCore, and how their device works and including if how did they develop it. Discover more about Dan Goldberger and his best advice for start-up companies, and much more!