Feb 17 • 32M

Advancing precision synthetic biology to meet humankind’s greatest challenges + Jacob Vogan

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Catherine Mae J. Hernandez
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Edmar Ferreira talks with Jacob Vogan, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of CB Therapeutics, where he designs and leads large projects to engineer microorganisms to produce high-value molecules, both natural and new-to-nature, for use in therapeutics, nutraceuticals, animal-free food, and more. Jacob and Sher started CB Therapeutics in their garage, and after several lab expansions and going through Y Combinator, the start-up is now housed in a 16,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility with a growing and experienced team outside San Diego, California.

In today’s episode, Jacob shared how the future looks like when CB Therapeutics is successful, the therapeutics that they developed, including the process that they have gone through upon producing their technology. Jacob shared about synthetic biology, their supply chain and compound, about the process of supplements. Jacob also shared his background, and how they started CB Therapeutics, Jacob also shared the lessons he learned from the markets. They also talked about mentors from their mental health technology, and how CB Therapeutics shows their progress with their investors. Find out Jacob’s message for everyone, and much more!