Nov 25, 2022 • 47M

A new solution for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease to live longer + Peter Schlecht

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Edmar Ferreira talks with Peter Schlecht, CEO and Founder of Braingrade. With Braingrade, they provide direct access to our brains and improve our cognitive abilities while helping millions of Alzheimer's patients.

In today’s episode, they talk about what the future looks like with Braingrade in 20 to 25 years, and the meaning of the smart brain with Braingrade in 10 years. They also talked about the story behind Braingrade, how they started, and why Peter started Braingrade, including the technology that they have with Braingrade and how it works with the human brain, how stimulation works, and the device that they are using. Peter also shared how did they raise their fund and their upcoming rounds, and they also talked about their next clinical trial, how’s the supply chain with neurotech, what surprised Peter when he started the journey of Braingrade, and much more!