Dec 9, 2022 • 30M

Extending the healthspan and lifespan of dogs + Celine Halioua

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Edmar Ferreira talks with Celine Halioua, CEO and Founder of Loyal, which she incorporated in 2019 at the age of 25. Loyal is a biotech startup developing drugs to increase canine healthspan.

In today’s episode, they talk about the mission and vision of Loyal and the future that Loyal is excited about. They also talked about the drugs that Loyal is developing that target extending the aging of dogs, and how Celine became an animal lover. Celine also shares that dogs are a better model of human aging in general and she also shared how they started Loyal in 2019. They also talked about the biggest thing that Celine surprised her the most when they started Loyal. Celine also shared the biggest difficulty in raising funds for a biotech company like Loyal, as well as the people that she is looking to work with at Loyal and much more! And find out what's her best advice with those who are starting a biotech company.