Jan 7 • 1HR 9M

Live biological neurons with silicon to create a new hybrid-biological computer chip + Hon Weng Chong

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Edmar Ferreira talks with Hon Weng Chong, CEO, and founder of Cortical Labs. Hon helped set the vision and build teams to deliver the world's first bio-hybrid computing platform that leverages the developments in Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence.

In today’s episode, they talk about what the future looks like with Cortical Labs, the technologies that they are developing and using in Cortical Labs, including the neurons that they are building, how they get the neurons, and the process they go through with their technology in Cortical Labs. Hon also shared how they are connecting the neurons with the computers, how they encode and decode the data with the neurons, and how they encode a lost function, as well as the assumptions with the neurons. Discover the best advise from Hon Weng Chong for those start-up companies and many more interesting things to discover with Cortical Labs!